There are three main ways to increase your income with an Risk Free Atomy Business:

  • Retail Margin - on products you sell

  • Performance Commissions

  • Growth Incentives

Are you looking for a little extra money, a little extra time, or both? 
Since 2009, over 2 million members joined Atomy globally. And they prove Atomy works. 

Your New Business Opportunity


Why Atomy Business?

No Joining Fees - No Monthly Purchases - Low Prices

Atomy was designed for the super networking marketing around the world. Predicated on the belief that prestigious quality goods can be sold and distributed at a lower price, Atomy has proven to integrate both technology and marketing.

Atomy has merged all the aspects of business structure in R&D, manufacturing marketing, and service. Atomy has grown in Korea starting with HemoHIM and Atomy Cosmetics. The exponential increase in demand has been mostly due to our unique marketing foundation.


Have Financial Freedom With Atomy

Atomy members can enjoy quality, high-tech, herbal, organic, functional, eco-friendly, patented products at comparable or better quality than luxury brands AND at low prices comparable or lower than the big box stores. Members also can receive loyalty income for purchases of their own and of connected members.

In order to get an Atomy membership you need a sponsor. "Atomy Cafe Team" will provide you with your Atomy membership ID and add New Members under your line. is a Member-Operated website. Atomy Clinic would just be your sponsor and exists in order to educate the Prospective Distributors about the Atomy Company, Products & Business Opportunity and educate those sponsored through Atomy Clinic to help them be successful in their Atomy business.

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